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How to Make Your Business Plan Work During a Pandemic

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but it’s particularly frustrating if you were planning to open a business. While you can’t conduct your startup meetings as you normally would, you can still get your company started. Use these tips to adjust your business plan for the world of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Host Meetings Online

Countless meetings are required before you open your doors. You need to meet with your business partners and discuss how you want to approach your next steps. You must speak with potential investors and convince them that your business venture is a wise financial move. Once these tasks are completed, you begin meeting with vendors and landlords to find supplies and premises. While nothing can replace the atmosphere of an in-person meeting, you can still accomplish a lot online. Use Zoom, Google Meet, or another videoconferencing tool to speak with each person. For example, when interviewing different suppliers of drill string design services, host a virtual meeting with the prospective company, your business partners, and perhaps some key investors.

Adjust Your Purpose

Another area of your business plan that needs adjusting is your purpose. The economy has changed greatly since the spring, and you need to tailor your business’s mission to fit the new circumstances. Highlight how you can deliver your products while preserving social distancing, or explain why customers need your products now more than ever before. The more timely you can make your mission statement, the better.

Begin Remotely

If possible, adjust your business plan so that your opening is completely remote. That way, if your area receives another stay-at-home order, you can still open as planned. Additionally, this method is more cost-effective, since you do not have to purchase or rent premises for a while. To get started, make sure that you and your employees have reliable Internet service, working computers with cameras, and enough resources to mail customers their purchases. Be sure to stipulate in your business plan whether you intend to remain remote for as long as possible or what conditions need to be met for you to start offering in-person services.

Over the past few months, your life has changed completely. You haven’t been able to see your friends and family, you’ve been worried about becoming sick, and you don’t know what will happen next. Thankfully, despite this uncertainty, you can still start a business if you plan carefully.

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