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The Best Fish To Catch in Florida

Do you love the taste of fresh-caught fish? Saltwater or freshwater, large or small, it’s hard to deny that the fresher the fish the better the taste. Angling in your own fish is an excellent adventure that can bring the best of the best fish to the table because you can get it as fresh as it comes. Here are a few fish that Florida anglers love.

Peacock Bass

These guys are predatory cichlids found all over Florida and prized for their taste and athleticism. They have a long summer spawning season and have become extremely plentiful throughout the state. Because Palm Beach County marine construction includes countless fishing docks, many lakes and canals have become popular locations to reel in these unique beauties. Add the peacock bass to your list of fish targets and find out how fun it can be to reel in this fighter.

Mahi Mahi

Also called the dolphin fish or dorado, the Mahi Mahi is a beautiful golden fish with fins of blue and green. Fast and powerful swimmers, these fish can be a fun challenge to chase down and a hard-won prize to fight for. They are famous for their firm flesh that boasts a mild sweetness. They also look great on display.


If you’re looking for a story for the ages, see if you can come face to face with one of these monsters. With the biggest tarpon reaching up to 8 feet long and almost 300 pounds, these record-breaking fish have reached a reputation that borders on legend. The leaping of a hooked tarpon has been known to nearly overturn boats, and they also gleam with silver scales and provide flaky, delicious meat.

Whatever your skill level, it can be exciting and educational to undertake a fishing trip on the coasts of Florida. The fish caught will taste that much sweeter for having been found and reeled in yourself, and the memories made while fishing can last a lifetime.

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