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2 Ways to Increase Security at Home

Feeling secure at home is something that everyone can appreciate. Do you feel safe in yours? Even if you do, there is always something more you can do to improve it. Since safety is so important, making updates to your home to improve its security will always be a good move. Here are two to keep in mind.

1. Secure Your Home’s Entry

The entrance to your home is a lot more than just a way to get inside. Not only can it create a warm welcome for your family and friends, it can also one of your home’s best lines of defense. Regardless of if your entry point is a gate or your front door, it’s important to make sure all is secure and in good working order. 

If your main door is on the older side, consider replacing it. This can be beneficial to your home for several reasons, with improved insulation and a better fit being two of them. Contracting with a professional locksmith Long Island NY will make sure your locks are installed correctly.  

If you rely on a gate to keep your home secure, regular maintenance and keeping up with camera technology should be a priority. 

2. Use Natural Barriers

Have you ever thought about how landscaping has the power to not only beautify your home and property, but to keep it more secure as well? If you haven’t, think about taking a trip to your local plant nursery as soon as you can.

While many foundation plantings are definitely beautiful, they don’t have the same theft-deterrent defensive bushes do. Be thoughtful about where you might want to use them, keeping in mind that the necessary pruning can be tricky (and painful). 

If privacy is what you’re looking for, hedges are a wonderful solution. Aside from the initial planting and occasional shaping required, they’re a fairly low-maintenance option that will shield your home from neighbors and foot traffic. 

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