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Tips for Acing Your Dental School Application Interview

You might have thought that exams and cadaver dissection were the hardest parts of dental school, but the truth is that simply getting accepted into dental school can be a hurdle. Filling out the application is a task on its own, but like many graduate programs, you’ll have to complete an interview to convince the faculty that you deserve to get into the program of your choice. Follow these simple tips for the best dental school interview ever.

Practice Common Questions Beforehand

From job applications to school intake, there are a number of questions that are typical for interviews. Questions like, “tell me about yourself” or “How do you handle conflict?” are very likely to come up in your dental school intake interview, so do a little research and jot some notes so you can answer these questions well. 

Familiarize Yourself With Dental Terminology

Although you won’t be expected to perform any actual dentistry during the application process, knowing some common terms shows that you have an interest in the field beyond just getting into the school and getting a job. Learning how to discuss common procedures and the names of electric dental hand pieces makes it easier to refer to them in conversation. 

Present With Confidence

It’s easy to feel nervous when you’re about to face an interviewer. Studies show that even those with the best knowledge are likely to be overlooked in favor of someone who is confident. Even if you have butterflies in your stomach, put on a confident smile and assure the interviewer that you’re prepared to succeed. 

There are a lot of reasons to become a dentist–it’s a high-paying job with a lot of opportunity to help people. Take the first steps in getting into medical school by acing your entrance interview so you can get on your way to giving your future patients a reason to smile.

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