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3 Tips for Ice Anglers

Ice fishing can be a very enjoyable hobby, but it is not something you can engage in recklessly. Take a look at ice fishing equipment Canada to learn more about what you will need to prepare for an ice fishing expedition. Check out these three tips for ice anglers.

1. Dress Appropriately

You want to make sure to dress warmly before heading out on your ice fishing adventure. Be sure to invest in a high-quality coat, a waterproof coverall, long underwear, thick gloves, and fleece sweaters. You can protect your head and neck by purchasing a ski mask or a scarf. You will need to walk on the ice, so be sure to obtain a pair of sturdy ice boots.

2. Bring Needed Tools

There are several tools you will need to conduct a successful ice fishing trip. You will require a sled to move all your equipment along the ice. You can use a bucket to hold all your bait and bring a foldable chair to sit on while you wait for a catch. Do not forget to acquire a fishing rod, reels, lines, and hooks so that you can lure and capture your prey.

3. Ensure Safety

Navigating on ice can be risky, especially if you are not aware of certain ice safety measures. Some people prefer the color identification method that states that ice that is blue and thick is safe to tread on while ice that is white and thin is much too dangerous to walk on. Others just make sure to ascertain that the ice they seek to venture upon is at least four inches thick.

You can have a great time while ice fishing if you are well-prepared and take all necessary precautions. Before engaging in this activity, be sure to conduct as much research as possible.

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