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Monthly Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

There are many joys that come with home ownership. There are also many responsibilities. Keeping a monthly maintenance checklist helps you care for your home so that it lasts for many years to come.

Check for Leaks

One of the things that can cause the most damage is a water leak. Unfortunately, it’s also one something that can go easily undetected. Check all your faucets, pipes, appliances and supply lines for weak spots. After all, it’s better to pay for water heater repair Pleasanton CA, when you find a small leak than repairs plus mold remediation when it gets out of hand.

Replace Filters

Not every filter will need to be changed or cleaned every month, but they should all be checked. The intake vent on your HVAC system should have a clean filter to safeguard the air quality in your home. Depending on how often you cook, the kitchen vent hood filter may need to be cleaned every month.

Repair Grout

Grout and caulking issues can lead to bigger problems in your bathroom and kitchen. What starts as a small flaw can lead to cracked or loose tiles and water damage to the unprotected area beneath. Repair any imperfections that you see as soon as you notice them.

Test Detectors

Your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors are important safety features. Even if a battery says it will last for ten years, the amount of energy the detector draws can cause that time frame to vary. Check each detector every month and err on the side of caution by replacing the batteries every six months.

Inspect Exterior

A house is only as secure as its exterior. You should check your roof for damage every month, particularly during rainy or icy seasons. Inspect the foundation for cracks. Make sure the siding is intact and your gutters and downspouts are clear.

A monthly checklist may seem like overkill at first. If you can find small problems before they become big issues, though, it will be well worth the time it takes.

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