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Give Your Pool the TLC It Deserves With These 3 Tips

Keeping up with your pool can be arduous, even more so when fall rolls around, dumping a rainbow of leaves and dirt into the water. It’s easy to walk past the kitchen window, glance at the sullen waters, and tell yourself it can wait another day. However, if you practice regular pool maintenance, fending off debris and critters won’t be too much of a hassle. So, throw on some headphones and get ready to jam out with three easy tips to keep your pool a happy one.

1. Whip Out That Skimmer

A quick five minutes every day spent skimming the surface of your pool will save you extra time hacking at the bottom with a pool brush. Daily skimming will not only reduce extensive care in the near future but also keep your pool a safer place to lounge in at all times. Plus, a pool kept in good condition will be an aesthetic asset to your backyard.

2. Don’t Forget To Vacuum

It takes only one good vacuum per week to keep the pool beautiful and clean. Make sure to brush down the walls of Missouri fiberglass shell pools, pick up that excess dirt and call it a day. Your pool will thank you later, and you’ll be able to float on your pink flamingo with the tranquility of knowing you’ve got one less thing to think about on your to-do list.

3. Fix the pH Level

Make sure to test those pH levels and filters on a regular basis. If anything is out of the ordinary, usually all you’ll have to do is throw in a few chlorine tablets. However, if you notice the chlorine smell is a bit stronger than usual, it may be time to give your pool a little shock. Figure out your chlorine mixture level, throw it in around dusk, let the sun take care of any oversaturation until the late evening, and voila! You’re set.

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