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How To Take Your Bar to the Next Level

Running a successful bar is hard work. You have to walk the line between keeping the regulars happy and attracting new customers. New innovative bars are opening up all the time, so it is important to give people a reason to keep coming back to your place. Here are some ways to take your bar to the next level.


Some people are perfectly happy sitting on a barstool and chatting with their friends. Others like activities. Traditional bars will do best with traditional games, like billiards and darts. Create ambiance with vintage signs or a brass bar lamp Hayward CA. Keno and trivia nights are fun in upscale bars with an older clientele. If you want to embrace the young club scene, then have karaoke or Dance Dance Revolution.

Place the gaming activities far enough from the main bar that people can still hear themselves talk. You don’t want your customers to be chased away by one group of overly excited patrons. Be sure to promote the games you have, and consider having tournaments on slower midweek nights.


Your music solution should not include pumping the local radio station through speakers. At the very least you should have a jukebox. Music sets a mood like nothing else. You can manipulate the mood and the crowd through curated playlists.

Invite local artists to perform at your bar. Many artists will bring their own equipment and work for a small fee. You can also have guest DJ nights. Each performer has their own network of people who will be introduced to your business. If you treat them well, they will come back.

Social Media

The time has come to embrace social media. It gives you a platform to reach new people and a way to interact with your customers. You can start a Facebook page or Twitter account with no money and offer people a way to see all the great things happening at your bar. The more content you post, the more interested people will be. Don’t be afraid to post edgy content, especially on Twitter.

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