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Emotional Aspects of Debt

Although debt can grow out of control for many different reasons, people living with debt tend to feel similar emotions. 

Before Finding Help

Especially in American society, those with monetary success are viewed as “good”. Those who have fallen into debt may see themselves as “bad”. Money matters are often harder to talk about than anything else and those who are suffering under the burden of debt often suffer alone. They will not share this emotional burden with family or friends for fear they will be looked down upon. 

In addition to shame, there will likely be anxiety. Every time a new bill or threatening letter arrives, anxiety kicks in. A fairly constant state of anxiety can lead to many physical ailments. Untreated anxiety can affect the immune system and even the heart. 

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand and usually there is no way out of this cycle except to take the first step towards leaving debt behind.

After Finding Help

A therapist can help people work through their intense feelings and lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy assistance Lynnfield MA can offer advice on the practical aspects of getting finances under control.

Bankruptcy lawyers have been through the process hundreds of times and will be able to give advice on the proper steps to take. Most people in financial difficulty feel a sense of relief as soon as plans are discussed to tackle it. If feelings of shame and unworthiness were felt previously, just the thought of making a move towards financial stability will cause those emotions to disappear.

Instead of continuing to suffer alone, moving ahead to address the problem is a wise idea. The first step in conquering both emotional and financial issues is talking about them with the right people. There is no point in feeling bad any longer than necessary.  

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