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The Protective Umbrella of Social Security Benefits

During a respiratory flu pandemic, especially before a vaccine has been developed and made available, people have to play it safe, stay at home, and avoid traveling on public conveyances. It could take months to create and administer an effective and safe vaccine, and many industries are negatively impacted.

The travel industry is undoubtedly immediately impacted. Airlines are significantly affected as much fewer people choose to travel by plane. Conversely, other support companies are also affected. Fewer people are renting cars, and airport transportation grinds to a near halt. Companies like Uber and Lyft get fewer passenger requests because people are not going out for entertainment, shopping, or unnecessary errands.

The restaurant industry is significantly impacted. It is unsafe to be in an indoor location with other people that may spread the virus. As business declines, employees are laid off in masses. Although some restaurants manage to survive by offering take-out service, curbside pickup service, or outside patio service, many restaurants are forced to close. The people least affected are those receiving social security benefits Wyckoff NJ.

The hospitality industry also suffers immensely. Hotels, motels, and vacation resorts have much fewer guests because people are not traveling for pleasure or business. Consequently, they have to furlough their employees and maybe even temporarily close down.

Lastly, the retail industry is hit hard. People choose not to go out shopping for clothes, electronics, hardware, or other unessential products and services. Hair salons and barbers, for instance, find themselves with just a trickle of customers.

With all these industries so negatively impacted, more and more people have to file for unemployment so that they can pay their bills. Eventually, the unemployment money ends, and they find themselves unable to pay their rent or mortgage payments, nor their utility bills.

As you can see, in a respiratory virus pandemic, there is a cascading effect from industry to industry, affecting even the industries that provide support services. Ultimately, it reaches down to the consumer and their ability to pay their rent or mortgage and put food on their table.

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