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3 Small Ways To Make Big Changes to Your Grocery Store

When grocery store customers return to the same store year after year, it’s usually for more than just the products or the prices. Most often, customers like the feel or comfort of a particular store and return there week after week to buy their groceries. If you’re looking to build a following of loyal regulars, the feel of your store is just as important as anything on the shelves. Here are some changes you can make to bring the comfort to your patrons.

1. Improve the Customer Experience

The easier it is for customers to get around your store, the more time they’ll be focused on buying things instead of worrying about obstacles or impediments to their experience. If you haven’t walked around your store in a while, do so. Take in the shopping experience from a customer’s eyes to see what you need to update. If the shopping carts have broken or squeaky wheels, consider putting some new 5 inch caster wheels on them. The cart is central to almost all shopping experiences, and making it easier to pilot around your store will save customers trouble in the long term.

2. Spruce up the Place

Before customers start shopping at your store, they’re going to be looking at your store. Periodically, make sure to update the paint and finish inside and outside your store. Repair cracks, chips and dents in your sidewalk, curb and parking lot for aesthetics and accessibility, and make sure all signage is illuminated properly and looks inviting.

3. Simplify the Layout

Simplifying your layout doesn’t always have to mean changing your layout. Sometimes, you can make impressive changes by altering your storage systems. Shelves that have bigger openings and more spacing help display products more attractively and make it easier to find things. These units can make your store feel brand new without any product movement. If you do want to change your product layout, consider starting with a map of the layout as it is now and mark the direction and location of common foot traffic. This will help you figure out what to improve.

When managing a grocery store, you need to think about more than products and prices. The way customers interact with your store itself is very important. Make small, periodic changes and improvements to your store to make sure your regulars continue to feel comfortable and patronize your store year after year.

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