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Calling Your Attention to Water Well Maintenance

You may think of the basics of water well as a hole drilled deep into the underground containing a pump with a pressure control switch that senses water pressure and triggers the start and stop of water pumping. Rural residents may use water wells for drinking water and personal use. In agriculture, farmers may also use wells for irrigation to supply water to their crops. If you want to learn about water well maintenance, adverse effects of polluted water use, and sources of water well pollution, continue to read.

Water Well Maintenance

Water wells may need regular professional inspection and service to preserve water safety and availability. Proper maintenance may delay the rate of deterioration of water wells and pumps. However, aging, on its own, may result in a need for water well restoration and replacement as well.

If looking for replacement wells Fort Myers, you may want to hire a water well contractor licensed and permitted through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to work in your district. And before signing a contract, you may want to check with the Better Business Bureau for any violations on file.

Polluted Water Adverse Effects

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you may experience gastrointestinal, reproductive, and neurological issues from consuming contaminated water. It may be advisable to follow the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency for safeguarding your water well. The agency has written about water well testing frequency, reasons for testing, locating a certified laboratory, treatment solutions, and more.

Water Well Pollution Sources

Pollutants and pathogens may contaminate water wells through agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential activities. Additionally, adverse effects on well water quality may come from naturally occurring climate change events such as earthquakes, floods, drought conditions, sinkholes, and wildfires. Continued maintenance of your water well is to your advantage.

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