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How Aerospace Kitting Help Avoid Errors

Aircraft manufacturers are under constant pressure to deliver the highest quality and safety. Unfortunately, traditional methods of aerospace kitting components have significant errors and inconsistencies. In the aerospace industry, accuracy is vital because mistakes can lead to flight delays, product rejections, and quality fines. Ultimately, an airliner’s safety depends on the accuracy of its parts.

Automated kitting solutions

Automated Kitting solution automatically picks and sorts cut composite plies from a cutting table. The company’s patented algorithms translate nesting files into machine controls. In addition, the software automatically sorts components based on their properties and applies them to sort optimization. The automated kitting solution is part of a comprehensive line of composite manufacturing automation solutions from Airborne, Gunnar, and Schmalz.

This automation solution is ideal for aerospace kitting, which often involves error-prone manual work. The automated kitting solution helps aerospace kitting avoid errors by automating the process. For example, the system automatically sorts plies by shape, stacking order, and more. In addition, the system updates the status of each kit without human input and automatically executes cutting through and layup operations.

An integrated Automated Kitting solution provides Aerospace with a single, highly-automated solution that minimizes human error and boosts productivity. The answer can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the aerospace company. Moreover, it reduces material waste and improves productivity by automating the ply cutting and kitting process. Automated Kitting solution will provide Magellan with a cost-effective and customizable solution for its aerospace kitting requirements.

Composites kitting solutions

Composite kitting solutions simplify the composite manufacturing process. The kits help manufacturers meet their production targets with higher quality and less waste, from simple predetermined shapes to complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies. Thes kitting solutions also improve health and safety in the parts manufacturing process by simplifying the process and reducing handling time. The advantages of kitting solutions over individual process steps are substantial and include increased productivity, less material waste, and improved process repeatability.

The solution is custom-designed to meet the company’s unique requirements and will boost productivity. This solution will increase productivity by reducing manual labor and material waste. Specifically designed to meet the demands of the aerospace industry, will minimize material waste and enhance automation for improved ply cutting and kitting.

Customized solutions are crucial to avoiding costly mistakes.The kitting solutions eliminate manual material handling and enable customers to focus on core manufacturing tasks. In addition, tailored solutions provide benefits, including tools to process materials and technical support to minimize errors. 

Robotic kitting solutions 

Today, aviation companies are under tremendous pressure to meet customer needs and deliver quality products. As a result, aviation technicians rely on component repair kits. Unfortunately, traditional kitting techniques are prone to errors. These mistakes can lead to extra or mis-kitted parts, missing components, and incorrect sizing. Therefore, the accuracy in robotic kitting solutions is of the utmost importance in the aerospace industry, where errors can lead to product rejection, delays, quality fines, and flight cancellations.

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