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How You Use Silicon Wafers Every Day

When you hear the term “silicon wafer,” you may not have any idea what it means. It may sound strange and exotic, or perhaps even like a delicious dessert option. All of these assumptions are incorrect, however. Silicon and silicon wafers are everywhere, and you’re likely using them all the time. Here are some basics about the presence of silicon wafers in everyday life.

What Is a Silicon Wafer?

Despite its tasty-sounding name, a silicon wafer is not a cookie or any other type of edible item, though it will be found in your dessert-creating appliances. A silicon wafer is a material that’s used for making semiconductors. Semiconductors, in turn, are found in all types of electronic devices. Advancements in fabrication and silicon wafer polishing have made them more efficient and powerful over time, and now these wafers are found in nearly any device with electronic circuitry.

Who Uses Silicon Wafers?

Everyone uses silicon wafers — even if you don’t know it. If you use a cell phone, a smartwatch, a computer, or home appliances, you are using silicon wafers. If you drive a car, fly a drone, or have a home security system, then you are using silicon wafer technology. As you can see, these products are prolific and found in many items you use all the time. Any person who uses these technologies can thank silicon wafers and semiconductors for their service. 

Where Are Silicon Wafers Found?

Silicon wafers are embedded within electronic gadgets all around you. While you likely won’t see them, silicon wafers are everywhere. Industries from telecommunications to medical services use the technology. Any electronic device you encounter likely has a semiconductor that can be described as the device’s “brain.” Silicon is one of the most readily-available elements in the world, and it’s a principal material in the manufacture of electronic and renewable energy sources. 

Now that you know the basics of silicon wafers, you may know a little more about how the world around you works. Electronic gadgets might seem a little less mysterious after you know more about what makes them tick. When you hear the term, you won’t think of a tasty-looking plate of fancy desserts; rather, you will think of all the electronic devices you use each day. As the tech industry continues to expand and evolve, you’re likely to encounter more items in your life that you now know use silicon wafers.

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