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How To Plan a Funeral Reception

A funeral is an occasion that can bring a lot of people together who haven’t seen each other in a long time. However, they cannot talk to one another during the service, and many may be too emotional beforehand. Memorial receptions New Glasgow NS give people a chance to catch up with one another after the service when they have had a chance to calm down a little. A funeral reception isn’t mandatory, but it is often expected. Here are some tips on how to plan one.

Plan the Food

When someone has died, people in the community sometimes try to help out the family by bringing food. A potluck funeral reception is the logical extension of that tradition. However, because funerals often happen fairly quickly after a death, organizing a potluck in time can be difficult. It may be better to have the event catered so you don’t have to rely on mourners remembering to bring food.

Choose a Tone

One of the first things you should do is to choose a tone for the reception because this can influence the other decisions you have to make. Decide whether you want the reception to be a celebration of the person’s life or a more formal, solemn occasion. Consider the personality of the deceased and what he or she would have preferred.

Pick a Location

Traditionally, funeral receptions are held at the funeral home, at the church where the service takes place, or at someone’s home. However, it may also be appropriate to hold the reception at a place that meant a lot to the deceased. For example, if he or she belonged to a social club or frequented a certain restaurant, you could honor his or her memory by holding the reception there.

Planning a funeral reception can be difficult in the midst of grief. If you have a friend who was not close to the deceased, you might consider asking him or her to help you with some of the logistics to be sure everything is taken care of.

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